Using this Website

The site is organized by geographical regions and generally best viewed on a full screen.  Clicking on a region will take you to one or more galleries of pictures I have taken in that region.  There is a picture representing each gallery and beneath this set of pictures are some comments on our experiences in the region.

Clicking on one of these pictures will open that gallery to you.  First, you can click the Slideshow button just above the upper right corner of the picture.  Your computer will enter full screen mode and you can sit back and watch the pictures go by one by one in 5 second intervals.  

Alternatively, you can scroll down through the pictures at your leisure.  In addition to the simple caption in the lower left, you will occasionally come across additional information that I thought viewers might find interesting.

Comments are welcome. Just use the little white rectangle near  the lower right corner of any picture when scrolling through the pictures